Work Packages

Project Management and Coordination

WP1 will

  1. facilitate communication among the partners, ensure an efficient exchange of information among the WP leaders 
  2. coordinate and manage all scientific, administrative, legal, and political aspects of the project 
  3. deliver and coordinate all dissemination, exploitation and communication activities including the development of the SOLO platform, as well as data management activities.
Soil Mission
Think Tanks

WP2 will

  1. identify knowledge gaps and novel avenues for European soil research, innovation through the implementation of participatory Think Tanks
  2. co-develop the Mission Objective roadmaps, facilitate knowledge exchange and establish a solid connection to current and future EU and international soil health projects
  3. establish a dynamic workflow that allows constant communication between WP2 and WP3, WP4 and WP5.
Drivers of
soil health

WP3 will

  1. analyse the driving forces that induce changes both for soils and land management, to identify and understand emerging opportunities and challenges for soil health 
  2. develop a typology of soil health drivers across land-use types and European environmental regions to support the continuous update of the actionable roadmaps over the lifetime of the project.

WP4 will

  1. integrate R&I options and priorities across all Mission objective roadmaps and across European regions to provide the Soil Mission with an integrated overview of the research and innovation priorities and other actions to reach the goal of improving soil health across Europe
  2. ensure coherence across the individual roadmaps and European regions in order to guarantee that synergies will be identified and negative trade-offs avoided
  3. integrate priorities across European regions and countries by implementing Regional Nodes where local roadmaps will be co-created together with national, regional and local stakeholders.
Operational Framework

WP5 will

  1. identify and describe measurable R&I KPIs that can be adapted to different regional research, economic and social conditions across Europe
  2. integrate current or future reporting mechanisms and support the assessment, evaluation and correction of the Mission R&I portfolio towards the improvement of European soil health
  3. produce a well-documented list of R&I KPIs that can be included in the reporting processes associated with national and European research funding schemes and allow monitoring progress towards R&I priorities for each of the specific objectives.