Multilingual article collection on soil biodiversity now available

31 Jul 2023

In an effort to translate knowledge on soils to a wider audience, SOLO’s project coordinator iDiv has made a multilingual article collection for children on soil biodiversity available on their website. The article collection is the result of the collaborative efforts of over 50 scientists and Young Reviewers from across the globe, complemented by numerous ecologists who generously translated the English articles into various languages. 

The collection focuses on the incredible vitality present in soils and introduces the methods and techniques employed by scientists to explore the thriving life beneath our feet. It becomes evident that belowground life plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy soils, which, in turn, directly benefit humans.

However, the very foundation of belowground life is facing considerable challenges and undergoing transformations. Multiple threats loom over this essential ecosystem. To counter these threats, the authors offer innovative ideas and strategies to protect soil biodiversity. 

If you would like to contribute, the iDiv team are also looking for volunteers to translate more articles in the future.