SOLO issues a batch of new promotional materials

06 Nov 2023

In preparation for this month’s European Soil Mission Week in Madrid and the upcoming SOLO General Assembly in Barcelona, we have issued new promotional materials available in the Media Centre of our project website.

The new materials, which aim to promote SOLO’s latest outputs, include:

  • New project brochure, which includes a preliminary set of Mission Soil Research and Innovation Key Performance Indicators. The brochure is created as an output of Deliverable 5.1 Basis for the implementation of an Operational framework and minimum set of KPIs to monitor the Mission R&D activities.

  • A new leaflet that focuses on the knowledge gaps mapped against specific EU Soil Mission objectives, which should be the focus of the next funding call

  • SOLO roll-up banner, which includes the main objectives of the project, all partners of the project and the project’s social media accounts, website and newsletter

  • New project stickers, which represent the life that is present in the soils of our planet

You can see the brand new materials in person during the European Soil Mission Week in Madrid on 21-23 November 2023.