SOLO’s partners get together in the latest episode of the “Solid Science” podcast

11 Sep 2023

SOLO’s consortium member Petra Stankovics from iASK - Kőszeg joined the project’s coordinator Dr. Carlos Guerra and Romy Zeiss from iDiv in the latest episode of the “Solid Science” podcast. Petra is a researcher and environmental protection lawyer, and her field of research is rural development, property policy with a soil protection approach and complex impact assessment of the regulation of EU subsidies.

The episode called “Soils under the law” tackles the topics of the legal aspects of soils, how soils are considered in European policy and the difference between the ecological and legal perspective on soils.

Find out more about the discussion, as well as the rest of the episodes on the “Solid Science” podcast available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, and PlayerFM.